Get to the core.



Reformer Class Prices

Two Ways To Get Started for $90

3 Private Intro Sessions or 5 Group Intro Sessions

- Plus get 2 bonus Group Fitness Classes included with either option -

“NO BRAINER” Memberships

  4/mo. 8/mo. 12/mo.
Private $37 ea. $35 ea. $33 ea.
Semi-Private $22 ea. $20 ea. $18 ea.
Group Pilates $18 ea. $16 ea. $14 ea.
Group Fitness $12 ea. $10 ea. Unlimited $85

“Fly By” Punch card pricing

  Single   Package of 5 Sessions
Private $45 ea. $210  ($42 ea.)
Semi-Private $30 ea. $140  ($28 ea.)
Group Pilates $25 ea. $125  ($25 ea.)
Group Fitness $20 ea. $75  ($15 ea.)
*Good for 6 months


24 hr. cancellation policy. Transfer fee may apply. No Refunds. 

We also offer Private and Semi Private Trainings off the Reformer and using our Group Fitness Equipment.


Click Here to Learn about Introductory Packages.
Call the Studio at 605.430.1418 to get started.

Membership Guidelines

Discounts are available for multiple memberships.
(For example: 4 privates and 4 semi-privates will be charged at the 8 session rate for both memberships.)

If additional sessions are purchased during the month, pay current membership rate.

Commit to save! (Paid at end of contract, auto renew)
1 year contract: $100 credit
6 month contract: $30 credit

Can suspend for ½ of monthly membership 2x per year. – 2 week notice required

$100 fee for stopping membership before end of contract and discount will be forfeited on top of fee

$20 transfer fee if decreasing number of sessions per month – 2 week notice required



LATE ARRIVALS: Our instructors are frequently scheduled into consecutive sessions, therefore, if you arrive late, lost time will not be made up at the end of your session.

CANCELLATIONS: To avoid being charged, 24-hour notice is required for ALL scheduled appointments. If you train as a semi private and one person cancels, the other will need to purchase a private session in order to train as such.

CLOTHING: Whether you are doing Pilates or Group Fitness classes wear comfortable workout clothes that do not restrict your movement. In Pilates you do not need to wear special shoes as these exercises are done in socks or barefoot. Group Fitness classes may require tennis shoes for support. We have clips and cradles for our cycling bikes so you can wear tennis shoes or clip in cycling shoes if you have some, these are not required but are optional.

EQUIPMENT: All equipment is provided.

WATER: Bring your water bottle to class. We provide filtered water for refilling your water bottles. We also sell water bottles and bottled water in case you forget.

SIGN UP FOR CLASS: We offer the convenience of signing up for classes from any computer as well as an app via the MINDBODY scheduling system. Please sign up for both the group fitness classes as well as the Group Pilates on the Reformer classes. If a class is full you may sign up for the wait-list and will be notified if a spot becomes available via email or phone.